National Puppy Day!

Every year the team at STOP Restoration celebrates National Puppy Day on March 23rd. This year, we are extending the celebration to you and wishing you the happiest of Puppy Days! We know how important your special pooch is to you and want to acknowledge your paw-some pup this year. This special holiday is not just to recognize your precious pal, but also to bring to light the importance of our furry friends. For generations, they have offered us so much in the form of love, emotional support, and friendship and it is up to us to show them that same affection in return.

National Puppy Day also allows us to shine a light on the dogs that are not receiving that attention and nurturing lifestyle that your companion receives every day. By supporting and adopting from your local shelter, you are not only helping these animals, but you are showing them your support and dedication. Adopting instead of buying is one of the best ways to help out our furry friends because you are giving them a chance to be loved as they deserve!

Beyond our shelter dogs, we would like to recognize the working dogs whose job it is to give us strength and support each day. Service dogs go above and beyond for us through years of extensive training that enables them to live alongside us out in the world. Our STOP crew is especially thankful for these highly trained, hard-working puppies that work tirelessly around the globe!

National Puppy Day may just be a once-a-year reminder to cherish and celebrate our canine companions, but at STOP Restoration, we are thankful all year round for all the amazing dogs in the world that bring us so much joy. It is important to remind ourselves how much they do for us and rejoice in their presence in our lives! So, thank you again to all the puppies in your family, and enjoy this year's National Puppy Day!