Be Aware of Appliance Fires

Happy Tuesday to everyone out there and we hope you have been enjoying your week! Our topic today is centered around something very important but potentially overlooked. With our homes having more appliances than ever, appliance fires are a very real and prominent danger, so let us discuss some preventative measures and solutions!

We tend to overlook the actual dangers that appliances pose in our everyday lives because they are just so common within households and are used almost daily. Within the common household, the appliances that cause the most fires are the refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer, stove, and microwave.

If you have older appliances, it is important that you monitor them and replace them when needed. Some older appliances are missing safety protections, and over time their parts and wiring can become worn out. When it comes to new appliances, there may be design and manufacturing flaws. It is also important to avoid user error as well, such as not following the instructions or not maintaining the appliance correctly.

In order to avoid any problems, and therefore reduce the risk of appliance fires, users must take preventive measures and maintain the quality of their appliances. By cleaning out your appliances, such as cleaning out lint from your dryer and cleaning out the inside of your microwave, you can avoid starting any fires. Additionally, make sure to never leave appliances unattended and turn them off when they are not in use. Keep any flammable or combustible materials and objects away from appliances as well, to reduce the chance of any fires spreading.

Keeping your home safe from dangers such as appliance fires is very important to both you and us. Sometimes, even when using the appliances correctly and taking preventative measures, a fire can still occur. In instances like these, STOP Restoration is here to help by offering property damage restoration services that includes fire and smoke damage restoration as well as coordinating with your insurance company! We work to return your home to the condition it was before quickly and effectively. Our services are offered 24/7, so you’re able to reach us anytime in case of an emergency. If you’re interested in learning more about all the services we offer, contact us today!