Posts from September, 2021

  • Emergency Water Damage Does your property have water damage, flooding, or mold that’s making you worry? Well STOP Restoration is here to help you get your house back to feeling like a home again! When you call us, you’ll receive the benefit of a response time in less than 90 minutes as we ... Continue Reading
  • Thank You For Being A Great Neighbor! Happy Tuesday to all our team at STOP Restoration Albuquerque and our wonderful clients! With the challenging time we all have been facing during the pandemic and how its wreaked havoc on our ability of socialization, we should value those who live next to us. Today ... Continue Reading
  • All About Vandalism Happy Thursday to everyone! Today we are going to talk about a topic that, sadly, can happen to anyone and is hard to stop. We will be talking about the heartbreaking event of vandalism. Even though it shouldn’t happen to anyone, vandalism still tends to happen when you ... Continue Reading
  • Be Aware of Appliance Fires Happy Tuesday to everyone out there and we hope you have been enjoying your week! Our topic today is centered around something very important but potentially overlooked. With our homes having more appliances than ever, appliance fires are a very real and prominent danger, so ... Continue Reading
  • In a crunch? Contact us today! With Monday comes the start of another week, and today is a sweet one. We will definitely be taking advantage of this National Day to ensure that we can have a sweet piece of chocolate today. You might have already guessed it, but today is National Chocolate Day! Today is ... Continue Reading
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