Thank You For Being A Great Neighbor!

Happy Tuesday to all our team at STOP Restoration Albuquerque and our wonderful clients! With the challenging time we all have been facing during the pandemic and how its wreaked havoc on our ability of socialization, we should value those who live next to us. Today September 28th, is Good Neighbors Day and although often not celebrated formally or unknown by many individuals, we should take the time to recognize our neighbors.

Now you’re probably asking yourself how do we celebrate? You can do whatever makes you comfortable, whether that’s offering to rake leaves for an elderly neighbor, wash someone’s car, or even just say hello to everyone you pass. Without neighbors, living would be boring, so why not take the chance to get to know everyone better?

Here at STOP Restoration Albuquerque our trained and friendly professionals promise to provide services and interact just like your favorite neighbors. We are happy to provide services and gestures while being considerate of your home, privacy, and time. STOP Restoration Albuquerque provides a trained and approachable staff that will serve your needs better than any other company, as well as making for a great new community partner. We look forward to meeting you! Contact us today!