National Tortilla Chip Day

The team at STOP Restoration would like to wish everyone a happy and delicious National Tortilla Chip Day! On Wednesday, February 24, 2022 we are observing the tortilla chip for all of its glory! Funny enough, the tortilla chip was actually created out of pure mistake. Rebecca Webb Carranza and her husband were making tortillas in their factory, when the machine malfunctioned and produced misshaped tortillas, Carranza seized the opportunity to save their tortillas by cutting them into triangles and frying them which ended up selling successfully to customers! Without that mistake occurring, maybe tortilla chips wouldn’t be that iconic triangle we’ve all grown to love.

We can do our part by enjoying tortilla chips on this day, so load up on your favorite brand, make some nachos, eat them with dip, create an amazing salsa to go with them or even eat them plain. Tortilla chips are a great social snack, so plan that gathering you’ve been putting off, invite your friends and family and enjoy the day together. If something crazy happens while doing the dishes or laundry in preparation for the day and your house floods or catches on fire from microwaving those nachos for too long, save some tortilla chips for when you call the STOP Restoration crew. We love tortilla chips too.