Posts from February, 2022

  • National Tortilla Chip Day The team at STOP Restoration would like to wish everyone a happy and delicious National Tortilla Chip Day! On Wednesday, February 24, 2022 we are observing the tortilla chip for all of its glory! Funny enough, the tortilla chip was actually created out of pure mistake. ... Continue Reading
  • STOP Restoration Is Here To Take Care Of You Water damage can happen to anyone. From a minor leak to a major basement flood, STOP Restoration is here to take care of you. Along the way, we’ll keep in constant contact with our insurance partners. The first step to getting your home or business back to normal after ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage from Sprinklers | Advice from A Local Restoration Company in Washington It’s only February, but in the month of love, we have to say, we LOVE the warmer weather we’ve been seeing. So, in anticipation of sprinkler season, we have a few words of advice on the topic. Water damage from sprinklers can do a lot more damage than expected. The pressure ... Continue Reading
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day Today marks the start of a very important day to our team at STOP Restoration. Today is known as the “Random Acts of Kindness Day”. As you should know by now, we don't only want to keep your homes safe and free of disasters, but we also want to be involved with our community ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage Emergencies Did you know, every day there are an estimated 14,000 people in the US experiencing water damage emergencies at home or work each day? Just a water leak alone can leave incredible amounts of damage and waste in their wake. These individual leaks can seem minuscule, but over ... Continue Reading
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