Water Damage

  • Protect Your Home From Water Damage After heavy rains, pooling water can be a big problem to handle. Even a small amount of standing water in your home can spell disaster. S.T.O.P. Restoration of Albuquerque, NM, wants to make sure our local community knows how to protect their homes against water damage. As ... Continue Reading
  • Preventing Swamp Cooler Leaks Swamp coolers use water-soaked pads and a fan to cool a room's air through evaporation. This means the system is very efficient in dry climates like Albuquerque, but the reservoir also runs the risk of leaking. As water evaporates from your reservoir, it absorbs heat and ... Continue Reading
  • How Water Damage Affects Flooring STOP Restoration of Albuquerque, NM knows that moisture affects every surface in your home differently. Just mopping up after you experience a leak or water backup may not always get the job done and prevent water damage from further affecting your home. Hardwood Flooring ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage Threats Inside Your Home Problems with water heaters and washing machines are the leading cause of water damage in homes and businesses. Staying up to date on replacements and maintenance will help prevent water-related issues. Leaks that go unattended or unnoticed can lead to severe water damage in ... Continue Reading
  • What Causes Pipe Leaks and Water Breaks A pipe leak or pipe break can lead to flooding and water damage to your property. There are a number of reasons that your pipes may experience leaks or pipe breaks: Corrosion Although pipes are built to last a long time (and in most cases they do) corrosion can occur, which ... Continue Reading
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