6/29 National Real Estate Ethics Day

June, 29 marks the annual National Real Estate Ethics Day. At STOP Restoration, we consider the Code of Ethics (COE) an essential part of our business and believe in implementing it in all our cleaning, restoration, and environmental-related services.

Understanding What the National Real Estate Ethics Day Is About

The 2023 National Real Estate Ethics Day this year is set for Thursday, June 29. And it is a day when professionals in the real estate industry register for a four-hour class on COE best practices and how businesses can work to improve their adherence to this code.

The COE has served as a guide since 1913. It is a set of rules that currently consists of seventeen articles. COE protects all parties in a real estate transaction by ensuring realtors conduct themselves professionally in all dealings.

The most common themes in the COE include:

  • Community awareness

  • Honesty

  • Competency

  • Fairness

  • Continuous improvement

  • Maintenance of high professional standards

The 17 articles on COE list different roles. For instance, Article 1 is about protecting the client's best interests. Articles 15 to 17 denote the standard conduct realtors should practice concerning other realtors. For example, Article 16 states, “Don't solicit clients that have already signed an exclusive listing agreement with another Realtor.”

This class will therefore help REALTORS® improve client relations by better understanding their duties. Moreover, participants will learn the significance of prioritizing clients’ interests and work towards meeting clients’ needs. Now, if you are in the real estate industry, you have every reason to participate in learning and reminding yourself of ethical practices. For instance, as a realtor, you must perform due diligence on a property and practice full disclosure. In the event the property experiences water damage, you must inform the buyer before closing.

Participating in National Real Estate Ethics Day also means you’ll understand the articles in the COE better, specifically code 10-5 and Fair Housing changes. Participate in this year's event and learn the importance of truthful communication when addressing the public, whether in print or digital form. Remember, as a realtor, you must stay current on matters concerning real estate.

Working With Stop Restoration To Uphold the Code of Ethics

STOP Restoration offers all-in-one services to ensure residential and commercial properties are safe for people and the environment. Whether you need help addressing a roof leak, smoke, or fire damage, our trained and licensed professionals can restore the property to pristine condition. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive inspection.