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Mold is not something anyone wants to deal with. It smells bad, looks bad, can damage structures, and even seriously affect our health. If a mold problem is suspected, it's important to act quickly. The sooner the mold is removed, the better.

We can begin working on the mold problem as soon as our phone rings. Our services include a free mold inspection to give the client a better idea of the extent of the problem. We can also test to determine what type of mold is present and how much of it is present. Keep reading for answers to frequently asked questions about our inspections.

What are Mold Inspection Services?

Mold inspection services identify and assess the severity of a mold problem. We come to the property and visually inspect the area. We may also take mold samples to be tested in a lab.

What Are Signs of a Mold Outbreak?

Although mold can be tough to spot, there are a few telltale signs there might signal a problem. Musty or earthy odors, water leaks, and condensation are a few of these signs. Also, keep an eye out for black spots, especially if they increase in size and number.

There are also health signs which may indicate the presence of mold. Respiratory problems, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, or a runny nose, could be signs of mold.

How does a home restoration company inspect mold?

When our team arrives at the property, we conduct a visual inspection of the area. Our main goal with a mold inspection is to find the source or sources of the mold. This includes looking for visible mold growth, inspecting water damage, humid or damp areas, or other areas of concern our professional team might notice while on site.

Mold can grow anywhere, given the right conditions, but it often develops in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. If we discover mold growth during our inspection, we take samples of the mold to be analyzed in a lab. This helps us determine the type of mold and how best to treat it.

How Do I Eliminate Mold in My Home or Business?

Call us, and we will come to your property and conduct a free mold inspection. From there, we can develop a plan to eliminate the mold and prevent it from returning.

What Are Some Common Types of Mold?

Some common (and dangerous) types of molds include Stachybotrys or “black mold,” Chaetomium, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, and Alternaria.

Call us day or night, 24/7, if you have mold growing in your home or business. We’re STOP Restoration Services of Chicago West, and we serve DuPage County and the greater Chicago Metro area.

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