The Trifecta in Restoration Industry Marketing

There are plenty of restoration brands out there. Each one claiming to have the magic secret, the winning touch, the restoration industry marketing trifecta. Some even hit that slippery slope of implying a "guarantee to financial independence" and it will be "as easy as pie." Haha.

While promises like "easy" sound pretty far-fetched to most, we'll let those brands celebrate failing franchisees, as they mislead people into challenges they are not ready for. The marketing piece of building a company in the restoration industry is probably the first and most daunting upcoming hurdle that can scare some away. But with education and systems, you don't need to be afraid of launching your restoration company. The start of success in a water damage and full-service restoration company is in understanding what it takes to confidently approach marketing in this industry.

Here at STOP, we have no reason to mislead people or beat around the bush when it comes to explaining how to market a restoration company. We really did write the book on the subject. Our founder brought the first pieces of marketing and management expertise to this otherwise "technical only" industry back in the '70's. By the '80's, all roads would lead an ambitious restorer right to our doorstep. Because we know how to prepare and handle the challenges of restoration marketing, we're happy to discuss the subject in detail. Of course, to be fair, we have been building great companies for over four decades. Our Item 19 disclosure spells out the facts. This makes it easy for us to tell the truth about marketing in the restoration industry.

Make no mistake. There is no short-cut or magic dust that can make the restoration industry right for everyone. This is a promising business with room for talented, energetic people with a broad skill set. And let's not think for a minute that getting the phone to ring is all it will take to become a premier, legacy company in your city. Management of people, space, money and time is not a one-chapter lesson. This is where our constant support and systems will guide your company with procedures, policies and decision-making assistance in ways most of your local competitors can't even spell.

When it comes to marketing, I'll try to make this as short and sweet (and truthful) as possible. Here is a brief summary of the critical pieces that make up the STOP restoration industry marketing trifecta:

  1. If a premier, market-leading company is part of your plan, there will be no substitute for relationship building. How is this done? It is done locally, on the ground in your town. You are the face of your company. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Otherwise, anyone that drops off a card at a few insurance offices would be their town's favorite. A consistent, client-focused message, self-discipline and creativity are must-have's for this piece of the restoration marketing trifecta.
  2. Not to avoid end-user customers, we have to talk digital. More after-hours and weekend calls can be yours when you take advantage of STOP's digital structure. We provide and kicks off your website, SEO and social media programs. You will be smart to contribute to this effort, as only you can tell your story and show passion for your company as an owner. Our SEO efforts are gaining traction everyday. Let me illustrate STOP's SEO with this possibility: A high-ranking blog may have brought you to this video/blog!
  3. The other piece of the restoration industry marketing pie is in brand marketing by the franchisor. A solid national reputation and a few nods to insurance company lists will not hurt you. And even though nobody can do the bulk of your marketing for your local company, STOP does have relationships with a number of insurance companies and claims administration programs that can bring work, and do, as part of being in STOP. Unlike other brands that might over-promise in this area, I am quick to share that this industry is not for order takers. This type of third party marketing will not drive any restoration company, but should be seen as a fun bonus. STOP restoration franchises fit best for management-driven entrepreneurs with big goals. We can't build a big company with only two hands anyway. So we'll build you as a marketer, as a manager and as a restoration executive.

This won't be our first rodeo, but it will be just as much fun!


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