Are There Too Many Restoration Companies?

Most people have never suffered a water damage or fire in their home or office.  So it’s logical that they’ve never heard of the water damage restoration or any type of restoration service as an industry.  Until one finds themselves in the carpet cleaning business or in search of a new career, possibly via the franchise model, restoration is usually a new concept. It’s therefore easy to perceive the disaster restoration industry as small or limited in size.  But quite the opposite is true.

Water damage, fires (and the associated smoke), mold infestation, and biohazard issues happen in homes and buildings more often than one might predict.  The water damage and restoration industry is estimated in the 200 BILLION range. 

Recognizing the size of the water and fire damage industry, a number of franchises have popped up over the years.  Franchising, as an industry, usually sniffs out revenue-generating industries and a few brands seem to appear.  Whether every franchise in every industry is suited and rightfully equipped to help guide their franchise owners to success in each industry is another piece of the puzzle, altogether.  Selling franchises and helping franchisees grow are very different skill sets.  Herein lies the biggest challenge when shopping for a water damage and restoration franchise.  Let me explain… and you’ll have a pretty good picture going forward (that I hope will help you in whatever industry you land).

If you are contemplating a career change (or a conversion for your cleaning company to a planned attack into the restoration industry), the idea of getting lift-off from $0 in sales might seem intimidating or even impossible.   Your suspicion is understandable but, rest assured, the need in your area and the volume of sales there now would astound you. 

At the launch of any new business, GETTING SALES is probably top of mind for most.  Getting that “first sale” is exciting and we all need to shoot for it.  But SALES ONLY as a focus is one of the most common mistakes that cause small business owners to struggle, even to fail… a dreadful mistake. 

Your career as a water and fire restoration franchise will require specific best practices in managing all economic resources, not just revenue generation.  You’ll need to make great decisions in other areas such as space, labor and time.  Your management skills and style will need to be top-notch along with money management controls.  Best news for you is that most small businesses (water damage companies included) don’t pay enough attention to critical management and executive skills.   For this reason, most small businesses do not lead their market. 

For over four decades, STOP Restoration (“STOP Restoration”) has been working with restoration companies (many start-ups and conversions from carpet cleaning and other related services).  We focus our franchisees on the management and marketing tools that place them in the pathway of referrals.  Recurring revenue comes in the form of building local “cheerleader relationships” that connect you with jobs in your area.  End-user sales are found through a powerful STOP Restoration digital system, including organic, paid and social media lead generation. 

When I’m asked “is there enough room for me?” I always answer YES.  I remind folks that just because someone is doing the restoration work in your town, there is no logical reason to presume they are doing a great job.   Nor does “doing the work” equate to IMPRESSING CUSTOMERS.  The incompetence and complacency found in local competition can be exploited to carve into the water damage industry.  You won’t have to “put anybody out of business.”   It isn’t about that.  When things are “done right” (as our slogan suggests), people seeking BETTER SERVICE will give you a chance.  Our systems and ability to teach with logic and real-life success stories generate confidence in our franchisees.

The STOP Restoration franchise opportunity encompasses ALL of the requirements and baselines needs to make it as a water damage franchise in your market. Our training and support equips new franchisees to bring a powerful confidence, (backed by preparation) into the market.  Your market penetration and growth will be due to specific things that you do deliberately.  Success is going to be earned one little success at a time. The combination of all these great things you do will produce a sum total of AWESOME COMPANY as you build your career in restoration. 

There is no “one thing” that will make you a great choice as a water damage franchise but all the things to which you’ll pay attention as a STOP franchise will bring your company stability.  You’ll be in a great place to build a fantastic career as an executive in the water damage and restoration industry as a STOP restoration franchise owner.

$0 to WHEREVER YOU WANT TO GO is possible in the restoration industry and in STOP.  We invite you to seek more information.  You’ll never get a sales pitch nor pressure, but let’s start with a conversation about your goals and current skills.


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