How To Avoid Frozen Pipe Damage!

When the cold sets in, the water in your pipes begin to freeze which causes them to expand and can cause the pipes to crack or burst. Bursting water pipes can damage the infrastructure of your home and be costly to repair.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

  • Should the pipes ever burst, the first thing to do would be to shut off the water. Be sure to know where the main water shutoff valve is in case of an emergency.
  • Exposed plumbing should be insulated. While the best thing to do is use products like pipe sleeves and heat tape, even newspapers can provide a degree of insulation and provide protection against the cold.
  • Water should be drained from outdoor pipes and hoses to prevent the pipes from expanding. Avoid putting antifreeze in the lines unless directed as the product is harmful to the environment, and is dangerous to humans, pets, wildlife, and landscaping.
  • Any standing water from your pool supply and sprinkler lines should be drained, following the instructions from the product manual.
  • Make sure to keep garage doors closed to prevent the cold from damaging any water supply lines in the garage.
  • Opening bathroom and cabinet doors allow for warmer air to circulate around the plumbing.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

  • Keep the faucet open as you treat the frozen pipe to let the water flow as it melts. The running water will help melt the ice in the pipe.
  • Apply heat to the frozen section by using items like a hairdryer, electronic heating pad, or towels soaked in hot water. With safety in mind, never use a propane or kerosene heater, blowtorch or any other open flame device to heat the pipes, and never leave any heating device unattended to prevent fires.

The team at S.T.O.P Restoration is here around the clock to ensure there is no damage to your pipes and safely locate and thaw frozen pipes that might be difficult to find. The safest bet is to contact a professional to search for any additional damage that might have occurred. Our team of professionals is experienced in both melting frozen pipes and dealing with damage that might have occurred due to a pipe bursting. For more information on preventative measures or water damage restoration services, give us a call today at (505) 892-3112.