Posts from February, 2021

  • How To Avoid Frozen Pipe Damage! When the cold sets in, the water in your pipes begin to freeze which causes them to expand and can cause the pipes to crack or burst. Bursting water pipes can damage the infrastructure of your home and be costly to repair. Preventing Frozen Pipes Should the pipes ever burst, ... Continue Reading
  • History of Valentine’s Day Regardless of where you live, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is welcomed each year on February 14th. Each corner of the world has a unique way they celebrate the holiday, whether it be through gifts of cards, flowers, and chocolates or a dinner out with a loved one or ... Continue Reading
  • Our Clean Approach During The Restoration Project When disaster strikes, we know that it can be devastating and heartbreaking. No one wants to deal with a mess and we want to ensure that your home stays as clean as possible. Especially in these times, the STOP Restoration team is dedicated to protecting your health, home, ... Continue Reading
  • How To Prevent An Electrical Fire? How To Prevent An Electrical Fire? A fire can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Not a single person wants to see their home and precious belongings burn down right in front of them. Sadly, electrical fires happen to over 50,000 families every year and can cause millions of ... Continue Reading