A Huge Thank You For All Of Your Kindness And Support!

Happy Friday everyone! We hope that your week is going well! Over the last couple of months, the STOP Restoration team has been working hard on not only our restoration projects, but also on our fundraising event with Paws and Stripes.

We are so happy to announce that the fundraising event was a huge success! Because of all of your kindness and amazing support, we were able to truly give back to those in need. As we have mentioned in multiple emails over the past couple of months, we love giving back to the community and we are always looking for new opportunities. When we found the Paws and Stripes organization, we truly had a connection with their intentions, purpose, and continuous actions, which made us want to go above and beyond to ensure a successful fundraising event.

Our best intentions would not have come true if it wasn’t for the support from our amazing clients. We absolutely love helping you restore your home into original condition and it is amazing to see the support even after those projects. We are incredibly grateful for all of your support and kindness and are sending this email as a huge thank you from us!

There are so many amazing charities out there and we are grateful that you decided to help us help the Paws and Stripes organization. We look forward to all the amazing accomplishments that Paws and Stripes will obtain in the future and the lives that they are going to change for the better. We absolutely loved working with them and will always stand by their efforts.

Thank you for helping us achieve our fundraising goals and we look forward to providing you with quality services in the future!

Much love,

The STOP Restoration professionals