Posts from June, 2021

  • Happy National Tech Day Today is our favorite holiday: National Technician Day. It’s about appreciating those who make a difference not only in the Restoration industry, but for those who work to keep us comfortable and safe on a daily basis. We want to show our support to these hardworking ... Continue Reading
  • Are You Ready For The Smoke Heading Your Way? If you have checked the news lately, you have probably heard about all the wildfires and smoke that is currently in the air. Over the last couple of days there have been multiple fires including the Rincon fire, the Johnson fire, and the Arizona wildfires, just to name a ... Continue Reading
  • The Smallest Act Of Kindness Can Do A Whole Lot Of Good! Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope that all of you are having a great start of the week. Here at STOP Restoration, we feel so incredibly grateful for all of the amazing donations that have been coming in the last couple of weeks for Paws and Stripes. As many of you may know ... Continue Reading
  • Happy Belated National Best Friends Day! Did you know that earlier this week was another special national day that needs to be celebrated? Well, we are happy to tell you that it was National Bestfriend Day! Which means that today is the perfect day to show your appreciation for your best friend and loved ones. Here ... Continue Reading
  • One More Month For Paws and Stripes Happy Wednesday! We hope that your week has started off right! Here at STOP Restoration, we have been working hard on all of your restoration projects and have been spreading awareness about the amazing Paws and Stripes cause. As you know, this organization means the ... Continue Reading
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