The Rainy Season Is Around The Corner!

The weather in the United States can be all over the place! We are all lucky to have a roof above our heads that can keep us safe and protected. Did you know that the rainy season is currently right around the corner? Well, it is! And here at STOP Restoration, we see it time and time again. The rainy season can come with quite a lot of damages, headaches, and unnecessary stress. That is why, the STOP Restoration team is here to provide you with a checklist to make sure that your home and property are capable of making it through all the raindrops, storms, and lightning.

  • Evaluate your trees

You never know if there are any trees surrounding your home that are at risk of damaging your home. It is always best to inspect your trees before the storms start.

  • Inspect your roof

Your roof is what is going to keep you dry, so therefore, it is crucially important that you inspect your roof before the rain starts coming in. If you are uncomfortable with inspecting your roof yourself, it is always best to have an expert inspect it for you.

  • Clean your gutters

If your gutters aren’t as clean as they should be, you are at risk for water damages that could have easily been prevented. Gutters ensure that water can get away from your home and valuable items so the state of your gutters are crucial in preventing damages caused by the rain.

  • Keep your windows and doors closed

We all forget to close a door or window from time to time. However, now is the time to be extra careful. Whether you are inside your home or are going somewhere else, always double check for open doors and windows!

No matter what season, the STOP Restoration professionals will be by your side to help! We know how much your home means to you, and keeping it in stellar condition is our mission. If you need any help with restoring your home, limiting damages, or preparing for a storm, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!