Our Veterans With Paws and Stripes!

We're giving back to our veterans who have served our country and protected the people, and we can use YOUR help!

We strive to provide the most we can for active members of the military and the veterans who served to protect our nation. Here at STOP Restoration, we are giving back to our community.

STOP Restoration continues to give back to our community and our veterans by working with the Paws and Stripes non-profit organization. We are helping Paws and Stripes as much as possible by fundraising for items that are used to train and transform shelter dogs into service dogs. The Paws and Stripes Organization saves two lives with one meeting. The non-profit saves shelter dogs by giving them training to become shelter dogs, and then partnering the dogs with veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and other injuries. These service dogs will become companions, providing care and comfort for years to come.

Here at STOP, we believe in giving back to the community and Paws and Stripes have dedicated themselves to a fantastic cause. The more we hear about Paws and Stripes, the more we are in awe of how much they do for our veterans. The work they have done thus far is incredible, and we can only hope that you join us in supporting Paws and Stripes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: (505) 892-3112 or come by STOP Restoration for more information about the donations!