Posts from May, 2021

  • Memorial Day Is Coming Up! Memorial Day is coming up and here at STOP Restoration, we are wondering what your plans are for the day? Are you going to hang out with family and friends? Or are you going to stay at home and enjoy some time for yourself? Well, here at STOP Restoration, we are going to ... Continue Reading
  • Our Veterans With Paws and Stripes! We're giving back to our veterans who have served our country and protected the people, and we can use YOUR help! We strive to provide the most we can for active members of the military and the veterans who served to protect our nation. Here at STOP Restoration, we are ... Continue Reading
  • How You Can Help Us Give Back! Here at STOP Restoration, our quest to help Paws and Stripes continues! In order to give back to our veterans who have sacrificed so much for the safety of our nation, here at STOP Restoration, we are helping Paws and Stripes as much through fundraising. Paws and Stripes go ... Continue Reading
  • Happy National Armed Forces Day This Saturday is National Armed Forces Day and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the sacrifices everyone has made to ensure the freedom that we have today! We are so grateful here at STOP Restoration, that we are giving back to veterans by partnering with the Paws and ... Continue Reading
  • Are You Ready To Enjoy Summer To The Fullest? It is the beginning of another week and we are one step closer to the warm summer weather! Here at STOP Restoration, we love the summertime and think it is one of the best times of the year to take a much needed vacation and enjoy some time with your loved ones. Whether you ... Continue Reading
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