How You Can Help Us Give Back!

Here at STOP Restoration, our quest to help Paws and Stripes continues!

In order to give back to our veterans who have sacrificed so much for the safety of our nation, here at STOP Restoration, we are helping Paws and Stripes as much through fundraising. Paws and Stripes go above and beyond for what they believe in and we want to do the same! Paws and Stripes saves two lives with one meeting, which is absolutely incredible! They are a non-profit organization that trains shelter dogs and partners them up with veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and other injuries.

Both active members of the military and our veterans have always been on the front lines to protect the people of the United States. We're giving back through fundraising products that can be used to train the shelter dogs and transform them into service dogs. These service dogs will become companions, providing care and comfort, to the veterans.

Sometimes, we tend to forget all the blessings that we have and we tend to take things that seem normal to us, for granted. Here at STOP Restoration, we always believe in giving back to the community, which is the whole reason why we decided to help such a great cause. It is incredible to see the work that they’ve done and we hope that you can join us in supporting the Paws and Stripes organization!

If you would like to make a donation, don’t hesitate to come by STOP Restoration or call us for more information about the fundraiser.