Beware of Appliance Fires This Thanksgiving

Here at STOP Restoration, we want you to stay safe all year round. This means being aware of your surroundings, as well as the dangers that may be present around you. Fires are a fairly common occurrence, and the appliances that may cause them are even more common.

Residential fires can happen at any time - although they are more likely to occur during the winter months. They are often caused by appliances like crock pots, microwaves, or ovens. STOP Restoration works to encourage Albuquerque's community to keep their household appliances in good working order for the upcoming year. To avoid appliance fires, you should always use this simple guide!

To ensure the safety of your household, appliances should be kept in a dry, level spot with no open water sources nearby. It's also important to keep flammable materials away from your appliance. Another important safety precaution to prevent accidents and injuries, is to make sure your power plugs are matched with their outlets by using the correct two or three-prong cords. For added safety benefits, you can invest in a surge protector extension cord. Additionally, make sure that all of your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are fully functional before going on vacation.

Kitchen fires are the most common type of fire in any household. Whenever there are gas stoves, electric stove-tops, or microwaves being used, the risk of a fire breaking out is always present. These appliances are highly likely to ignite easily if safety precautions are not taken, and can grow into full fledged fires that may grow out of control if not managed correctly. When you're cooking, make sure your surfaces are supervised and turn off any gas or electric stoves if you need to leave the room. This will help to minimize the risk of fires. Make sure to clean and degrease your oven & stove regularly, because dirt can become a fire hazard. If you notice a gas leak while an appliance is on or off, contact a qualified professional to diagnose the source of the leak. Never use flammable or metal containers in a microwave and make sure they are empty before microwaving. Lastly, always be present while cooking on the stove.

For more information about fire safety or the best Albuquerque fire damage restoration, call us at STOP Restoration. We'd like to thank our entire community for a Happy Thanksgiving!