Great American #SmokeOut

Quitting smoking is definitely not an easy task. The American Cancer Society recognizes this, and sponsors the Great American Smokeout on the third Thursday of November every year! This challenges people who smoke to go 24 hours without cigarettes. If you or your loved ones are smokers, consider taking part in the movement and giving up cigarettes for a day.

The idea was introduced around 1970 in Randolph, Massachusetts and on November 18th, 1976, the California Division of the American Cancer Society started a first-of-its-kind “Great American Smokeout”. Historically, tobacco ads have been everywhere. Now that the stigma has changed, it is rare to see tobacco ads in public. These combined efforts have implemented more smoke-free areas & workplaces to support people who are quitting. Every year the American Smokeout helps people stop smoking. When you buy cigarettes, they're pretty expensive these days. From the late 1980s to the 1990s, state and local governments raised taxes on cigarettes and to discourage tobacco company promotions in an effort to reduce harms to smokers. Studies have shown that strong tobacco control laws have helped to reduce smoking rates in adults to about 42%. Although it’s impressive that the number has dropped, it still means 38 million Americans smoke tobacco. This is a major health risk since almost half of all smokers will encounter smoking related deaths. Each year, 480,000 people in the US die from smoking-related illnesses.

A day can make a difference. The Great American Smokeout offers a track for those wanting to leave the harmful effects of tobacco behind and is a meaningful way for people to avoid cigarettes. Not only does it raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, but it also brings together people who want to give it up. There's no better day than today for quitting! To make quitting more bearable, you should remove all lighters and ashtrays from sight, and consider chewing gum or snacking more. If you've tried to kick the habit before, the Great American Smokeout is a good time to reflect on why your past attempts didn't work. Figure out what went wrong and plan accordingly for your next attempt.

We all know the personal effects of cigarettes, but did you know it can also do damage to spaces like inside your home or office? This includes old smoke residue staying in the air and on your walls. To get rid of that unpleasant odor in your home or workspace, you should work with people who have the right tools to do the job. The masking of odors with air fresheners only works temporarily and covering up smoke smells with paint without first cleaning will not completely eliminate the smell. After a few weeks or months, the smokiness will start to leak out and your home will continue to smell.

If you regularly smoke indoors, it’s going to be more difficult to remove all the smells and byproducts from a HVAC system over time. Tobacco smoke chemicals can be particularly difficult to get rid of due to the tough residue and the requirement of special tools and skills. It can be daunting attempting to restore a property from a fire, or any smoke damage that may have occurred. Thankfully there’s no need to worry with STOP Restoration! We provide various services that work to restore your property completely, such as smoke cleaning and sanitation services. Our trained professionals work hard to remove any leftover smells, and will have your home, office, or building feeling like new again. Here, we don’t just tackle the visible problems and call it a day. We utilize heavy duty equipment to eliminate the last of any odor that doesn't seem accessible, allowing for your home to be as clean as can be. Equipment such as hydroxyl generators or ozone machines are often used to clean surfaces with smoke particles, and is the first step of the process before sealants are applied to keep surfaces fresh. We want you to feel confident that we're caring for your home as if it was our own. Give our team a call today and we will do all the dirty work for you. Make sure to stay up to date with us on Facebook and Instagram by clicking the links below.