We Wish You and Your Family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates the new harvest, and the blessings that have come with the past season. It is a day for families to get together and gather for a nice, warm meal together.

One of our favorite holidays here at STOP Restoration is Thanksgiving because it gives us the opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family, share a home-cooked meal, and reflect on what we are grateful for this year! Every fourth Thursday in November families across the U.S. start cooking their turkeys and prep for the big day. If you cook your turkey by frying it, you'll end up with a savory and moist dish that could result in disaster if you're not careful.

Here at STOP Restoration, we want to make sure your Thanksgiving is as pleasant as can be by suggesting you avoid deep frying your turkey this year - it's a good cooking technique but means you'll need to keep a fire extinguisher handy. Deep-frying a turkey may sound like a novel idea, but it can actually be a very dangerous and smoke-producing process. The dangers don't stop there - even the slightest accident, such as a fire breaking out from an accidentally dropped match or if something catches flame, could potentially turn an entire house into rubble. More than $15 million worth of property has been damaged by turkey frying since people started doing it.

It's not always easy to fry a turkey, because if you don't pay attention, hot oil can splash out of the pot or you can tip it over and start a huge fire. It's important to not leave the cooking area for too long while your turkey is cooking. Make sure to choose a firm, level surface for your fryer that is not located inside or within reach of any buildings. You'll still need to leave enough time for your turkey to thaw completely and remove excess water before cooking. If you plan on frying multiple pieces of food, don't put too much oil in the pot at once. We recommend that you keep an emergency fire extinguisher nearby all year round.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we're committed to helping our residents have a safe, happy holiday. We recommend you give your turkey enough time for it to cook, and please don't rush the process by using quick solutions. We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!