Frozen Pipes Can Be A Dangerous Situation

With the seasons changing ever so quickly we are looking at significant temperature drops! Just like you may not be ready for the weather, your pipes might not be either. Frozen pipes can be a dangerous situation and we want to help you prevent this issue or fix the problem if it may arise. Winter is coming, are you ready? 

Preventative measures are important when the weather changes not only for yourself, but for your living or commercial areas as well. Just like how we would put on a jacket to keep ourselves warm, your pipes would benefit doing something similiar. Whether that be installing a form of insulation for exposed plumbing, or even opening cabinets for circulation. 

You're probably asking yourself, what's so dangerous about a frozen pipe? Well, not only does water expand when frozen causing cracks and bursts in your pipes, but can allow flowing water through your home or commercial space, ultimately resulting in growth of mold. If you're noticing a lack of water flowing from your pipes, smells coming from the drain, noticeable frost, or sudden water damage it is likely you're facing the dilemma of frozen pipes. 

To avoid frozen pipes in your home and commercial space in its entirety, your best bet is to call STOP Restoration Albuquerque. We will assess and provide solutions leaving you and your pipes happy. If you are unsure about any potential damage, we will search the property. Our team is confident and determined to take care of your space through the fall and winter months. Call us today for more information!