Thanking Our Veterans

Today is Veterans Day, and we want to send out a big thank you to all the brave men and women who have served in the military from our family at STOP Restoration! Today is also November 11th, which is a very important day for us because this was the date that World War I finally ended.

It's a time where both civilians and veterans can come together to recognize the contributions of those who have served, past and present. Veterans Day is also a time to take a moment and thank America's troops. It's also a good time to give some thanks to the older folks who have served their country. When veterans come to our mind, we think of them as always being veterans, no matter what their age is. Times can change and so will veterans' needs. But as long as you served in the military, you'll remember those experiences for the rest of your life. Their stories of bravery should never be forgotten. They have a lot to share that is very valuable. Veterans Day reminds the community to show their gratitude and respect for veterans in our area. Some of the ways we recommend doing this are:

- Donating clothes, food, or even your time to a local Veterans Organization

- Volunteer your time by visiting a veteran at the hospital or at their home

- Plan an event for vets in your area

- Host a meeting for vets of all ages

- Use your skills or talent to honor veterans - for example, musicians could play an acoustic show

We appreciate all the veterans who have served to protect our country and we count on the public's help in ensuring they are well provided for. Right here at STOP Restoration, we're giving back as well. We work regularly with organizations like Paws and Stripes to help give back to the community. As you may know, there are currently efforts underway to support the Paws and Striped organization so they can continue their work. The organization is doing some great stuff, such as training shelter dogs to work at shelters, while also providing their own canine PTSD therapist for veterans. The service dog industry is one of the most important and life-saving organizations that we have come across. They work constantly to get dogs ready and get them into homes where they can be a great companion for years to come.

Here at STOP, we're dedicated to giving back and so we decided to partner with Paws and Stripes! It's been amazing to see the impact Paws and Stripes has had on our veterans. They do so much- if you can, please join us in supporting Paws and Stripes. Give STOP Restoration a call for more information on Paws and Stripes or for any restoration services from a company that cares and will work tirelessly to restore your home or business.