Happy Lunar New Year!

Our team at STOP Restoration wishes a Happy Lunar New Year to all of our lovely customers out there! Today is Tuesday, February 1st, which marks the start of the lunar new year as the rising of the second new moon is now upon us. The beginning of the Lunar New Year dates back long ago, to about the 14th century BC. The origin of this special holiday is associated with an old legend, where a monster named Nian would attack villagers near the beginning of each year, and in response people utilized the monster’s fears against it. The monster was afraid of things such as loud noises, the color red, and bright lights, all of which are staples when it comes to celebrating the new year now.

Many countries around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year in their own way, specifically in East Asia, as countries follow the same lunar calendar. As this can also be referred to as Chinese New Year, many festivities are held and celebrated by Chinese communities. They hold banquets and outdoor events complete with firecrackers, dancing dragons, and red decorations, in order to bring luck into the new year. In Vietnam, the day is titled Tết, which means Festival of the First Morning of the First Day. Vietnamese communities take this day to clean their households and decorate them with peach blossoms and kumquats, to represent energy and prosperity. In North and South Korea, this day is called Seollal. It lasts for three days, and families will serve food to their ancestors for them to grant them blessings for the new year. Lunar New Year is celebrated by even more countries and places around the world, and these are just a few!

Lunar New Year is a celebration to honor the new year, and the festivities people partake in to help to welcome blessings into the new chapter of their lives. As each new year is associated with one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, this year happens to be the Year of the Tiger. Those who are born in this year will be brave and strong, according to the characteristics of the tiger.

As Lunar New Year marks the beginning of a brand new year, it is now time to create a fresh new start for yourself. New Year is a time where people make sure to give their homes a thorough cleaning in order to get rid of any bad luck they may still be harboring from the previous year. It is important to do this and get a clean start for yourself, and that’s where we can come in and provide you with that help! If you’re cleaning and you notice any damages in your household, such as water damage or mold, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We want you to be comfortable and secure in your house, and that means giving your house the thorough cleaning and repairing it may need just in time for Lunar New Year.