How to Avoid a House Flood in Port St. Lucie, Florida with one Simple Trick

Nobody wants to come home from a family trip to find a house flood. Summer in Port St. Lucie, FL is the perfect place to get outside; maybe even take a few days with the family on a short trip. The kids are out of school and bored. Visit nearby family, go to the beach or even take that long-awaited Disney Cruise? Wherever you go, be sure to make the best pre-trip preparations you possibly can.

Most of us will remember to stop the mail, clean out the fridge, take out the trash and kennel the dog before we leave town. We might even arrange for a lawn mowing service to tidy the place up while we're gone. But how many of us remember to think about the possibility of a household disaster like a water leak that could cause an entire house flood? Let's talk about your I.C.E. (in case of emergency) contact and plan of action. Unfortunately, many house floods happen when people are not at home. These can be the worst kind since there is nobody there to stop the water flow and help mitigate the damage.

When disaster strikes, your ICE can save your home from thousands of dollars' worth of water and mold damage. The best plan while gone is to invite a trusted friend or family member to be your house sitter. Just to have real eyes and ears in your home while you're away is the fastest way to find, stop and get help for household disasters like water damage. At the very least, your ICE plan should have someone checking on your house once a day. Along with police and fire department information, make sure your insurance agent's name and number are visible in your office or kitchen (on a refrigerator magnet is a great idea). Why wait until you get home to find water damage or a whole house flood? STOP Restoration

A pipe can fail. A supply line can leak or a water heater could give out. Given enough time, you could return home to an indoor swimming pool! A little leak can turn into a big problem. Mold growth can start within the first 72 hours after water damage occurs. In Port St. Lucie (and from Lakewood Park to Hobe Sound, Florida), you can relax knowing STOP Restoration (STOP) is only a phone call away. 772-233-9089. Immediate water damage mitigation is the key to keeping costs down and preventing mold growth in any water damage situation.

The process and its required competencies make a good case for choosing a quality restoration company and honest people. Kert Steward's STOP franchise serving the area is a great option for you.

While you're away enjoying your vacation, a trusted friend or family member can help minimize water damage by notifying you, sitting off the water, and letting the professionals get to work saving your home and peace of mind. Your house doesn't get damaged by GETTING WET. Your house gets damaged by STAYING WET. So don’t wait a minute longer. Start the drying process as soon as you know about water damage in your home. Prevent mold growth by properly mitigating further damage.

Take steps to avoid a house flood. But if and when you aren't so lucky, relax in trusting STOP for any misfortune your home might face. We offer restoration services done right the first time.