Is My Water Damage Covered by Insurance in Bakersfield, California?

After you discover water damage in your home or office, "Is this water damage covered by insurance?" is the first thought that enters your mind. You are smart to confirm coverage by your insurance company when you have water damage. Some water damage situations are covered, such as pipe breaks, supply line malfunctions, ice maker leaks, etc. Water damage caused by exterior intrusion, however, is not covered in many cases. Your insurance agent is a great source of this information.

Most people never experience a flood or other water damage event in their lifetime. When a pipe breaks or leaks, this once-in-a-lifetime event can turn life upside down. Who do you call? Who does good work? Who is honest? Will this be covered by insurance?

All good questions.

In Bakersfield, California, home and business owners are lucky. Tom Keene has been a competent Bakersfield restoration contractor since 1983, specializing in water damage, fire and smoke damage, and high quality carpet cleaning. Tom began as a sole proprietorship until meeting the folks at STOP Restoration (STOP) at an industry trade show. STOP is a national franchise company that brings systems in quality, organization and stresses the customer experience.

Tom explains "Since joining STOP, I've learned how to go further than just trying to provide good service. STOP brings the systems that really raise the bar on customer service" Tom said in a recent meeting. He added "Lots of people can fix water damaged houses, but few can do it with class and respect for the homeowner. The unfortunate stress that a household or office disaster can bring requires attention. When a good contractor takes a job, the building will usually turn out fine. But what about the customer? Keeping communication tight and cleaning up the work site each day seems harder and harder to find with remodeling and service companies."

Tom walks the walk. He has more happy customers than he can possibly count. Admittedly, he has had years of water damage experience to make him good at it. But "happy letters" are not written by houses. A business must serve its customers well on a personal level to earn letters and great reviews.

The best evidence of STOP's level of water damage service is that so many insurance companies in Bakersfield recommend STOP Restoration to their customers when they suffer a loss related to water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, or cleaning up mold in the Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of water damage, the first question to ask is "Is this water damage covered by insurance?" The second most important thing you can do to ease your mind is to call STOP in Bakersfield at 661-589-7777 for prompt, quality service 24/7/365.