STOP Albuquerque Cleans Flood Damage at the University of New Mexico

On August 2nd, STOP Restoration Albuquerque received a call that there was major flooding in downtown Albuquerque after a rain storm had passed through. They are the main contractor for the University of New Mexico and initially received the call to the Centennial Library where we found that 55 rooms were affected. STOP Albuquerque was able to immediately extract the water, clean up the debris, and begin the mitigation process.

Later that day, they received another call to the Electrical Engineering Building where we found that 77 rooms, including hallways and entryways, had been affected by the flooding. Again, they were able to extract the water, remove the carpet and debris from each room and begin the mitigation process. They also responded to calls at the New Art Building and Northrop Hall which had 6 affected rooms each.

In total, there were 41 buildings on the UNM campus that were affected by the flooding. Our STOP of Albuquerque team was able to respond immediately to mitigate the damage in the 181 affected rooms (including stairwells and hallways), with the damage in the two largest buildings, the Centennial Library and the Electrical Engineering Building, even extending three floors beneath each building. While water damage restoration continues on the UNM campus, STOP Restoration of Albuquerque has received nothing but great feedback and congratulations from the University Dean on our work and fast response. At STOP Restoration of Albuquerque, the job is always “Done Right The First Time!”