STOP Signs National "Preferred List" with Three Insurance Carriers

Not to be outdone by other exciting news at STOP Restoration, we are proud to announce our first NATIONAL INSURANCE PROGRAM.

In April, STOP penned a national agreement with Innovation Group, a third-party claims administrator. On this program, STOP franchisees have a paved road to qualify for work on NINE different vendor programs with TWO MAJOR INSURANCE brands and one growing “Top 50” brand.

This achievement was made NOT with discounted prices (which hurts franchisees the most) but on STOP’s long-standing reputation of quality and integrity. Our relationship with Innovation brings a win-win to these insurance companies and pays off again for the benefit of STOP franchisees!

STOP FRANCHISE TIP: The past CAN predict the future. Choose a STOP FRANCHISE based on a long-standing reputation on knowledge and support, not on the glitz of the sales material.