Giving Back with Purpose: A Guide to Giving Tuesday

After enjoying turkey with all the trimmings and time with family while we count our blessings on Thanksgiving, many people follow up by helping their communities on Giving Tuesday. Since 2012, this global movement has encouraged us to give our time, donations, or voice to help others or a cause we’re passionate about. From this one day of giving, the sentiment has expanded to promote giving throughout the year.

How STOP Restoration Helps

Each of us has unique talents and expertise that can be used to help others. For the teams at STOP Restoration, that means helping people throughout our communities via our locations that are spread across the country. We assist individual homeowners, businesses, and entire communities that have suffered disasters such as flooding, a storm, or fire.

These types of disasters can result in a great deal of stress as personal belongings, business equipment and inventory, dwellings, and other buildings can suffer large amounts of damage. And in the case of a fire, the damage is often two-fold, with some occurring as a result of the smoke and fire and some from the water used to put it out. In either case, professionals are likely needed to help restore homes and businesses because of the scale of the job and the expertise needed to do the work safely and properly.

After water damage, for example, mold can grow if wet areas aren’t dried quickly or thoroughly enough. And if the damage is a result of widespread flooding, the water may carry contaminants. Fire can leave behind soot that can make you sick as well as water-related issues.

That’s where we come in. Our certified technicians at each of our individual locations have the knowledge and expertise to handle jobs of any size, making sure your home or business is safe to use again if at all possible. We’re staffed 24/7 to provide fast response times when we’re needed in the communities we serve, since it’s impossible to predict when disaster strikes. And we know that disasters can feel overwhelming and upsetting, so we’re pleased to give homeowners, businesses, and communities a sense of relief in knowing that we’re ready and able to provide the help they need.

The following are some of the services we provide:

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

We’ll take care of it all, from removing and storing your belongings that are salvageable and disposing of items that can’t be safely used to cleaning and restoring your building’s frame, siding, windows, roof, and doors. Our team will help restore every surface and make sure your home or business is safe to occupy.

Water Damage Restoration

Our team will take care of moving your belongings and removing the water as well as drying, dehumidifying, cleaning, sanitizing, mold removal, and more.

Storm Cleanup

This includes preventing long-term water damage, providing emergency board-up services, debris cleanup, demolition and reconstruction services as needed.

How You Can Help

Our company and employees are pleased to give back to our communities on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year. If you’re wondering how you can help, has plenty of ideas, such as supporting your local food pantry, giving your time or donations to a cause you support, or reaching out to neighbors, relatives, seniors, or veterans.

STOP Restoration is ready to help if you’ve suffered a disaster. With just one call, help is quickly on the way, and we'll use our training and expertise to restore your home or business to safety.