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  • Attic Molded? Mold is a common problem many homeowners face, especially in areas with high humidity levels. While mold may seem like a minor issue, it can have serious consequences on your health and the structural integrity of your home. If you live in Naperville, IL, and suspect that ... Continue Reading
  • Common Signs of Mold / Mildew Mold and mildew can seriously threaten the health of the occupants in a home or commercial building. This is because they not only damage the structure of the building but can also cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Hence, it is important to know the common ... Continue Reading
  • Our Mold Remediation & Removal Process | Restoration News Mold is never a pleasant discovery; often, finding it in a house or business is just the beginning of a larger problem. First, the mold must be contained and removed to prevent further damage and health risks. Then, the area must be meticulously cleaned and restored to ... Continue Reading
  • How STOP Restoration of Chicago West Deals with Home Smoke Damage Assessment, Restoration, Cleaning, and Smoke Damage Levels This article covers how we deal with smoke damage. We also discuss the levels of severity when it comes to smoke damage and what actions to take if you have a smoke damage incident. If there is one thing we know, ... Continue Reading