Recession Proof Franchise

Business ownership has its benefits; flexible hours, control of your own destiny, and best of all, no boss. But when we begin the search for the right business or franchise, many issues arise and add to the complex decision. One of the most critical concerns is how the business might hold up through economic ups and downs. You want a recession proof franchise or business. So ask these questions:

  1. Is the product or service seasonal?
  2. Is the product or service part of a short term trend or fad?
  3. Is the product or service harder to sell when the economy is soft?

It is easy to forget about economic downturns when things are good. But smart people choose businesses that are recession proof, knowing there will always ups and downs in the economy. Right now, "Recession Proof Franchise" is quite the buzzword in the franchise industry... but how often is it actually true?!

STOP Restoration ("STOP") is a property damage restoration franchise. We have been directing restoration companies to growth and increased profitability through water damage, fire/smoke and mold repair for over four decades.

As a restoration franchise with STOP, you will market your services to the insurance industry (and other similar sources of work). You won't over-invest in equipment by adding wild goose chase, "retail" services such as carpet cleaning (and other low-profit distractions). You will focus on insurance-paid work and build relationships that can provide streams of water damage, fire damage, smoke cleaning and mold remediation work throughout your restoration career.

Nobody should tell you that water damage and restoration is 100% recession proof. But it is surely among the most recession resistant businesses you can find. And we can all agree that accidents and bad weather have no connection to the economy. We can examine this further when we speak with you.

STOP will shoot your straight on this industry, your upcoming challenges, and potential rewards. We will answer your questions. We will then put you in direct contact with some of our franchisees. These are people that were in your shoes and made the decision to join STOP. They are using our training, our systems and our support to gain market share and build lucrative companies providing services as a STOP restoration franchise.

You'll learn, by speaking with our franchisees, that we don't go away after you join (and make the initial investment). Our knowledge, support and constant training is what separates us from other service brands.

If you want to learn more about recession proof franchising, water damage restoration, and get a straight, logical presentation, please contact us.

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