The Fear of Failure

Everybody, to some degree, fears failure. This fear can steer us away from opportunities, challenges, competition and even new hobbies that are supposed to be about fun.
Before I get into the subject of fear (and start tossing around everything we learned in Psych 101), try to put aside that this author is a franchisor that loves to sell franchises. "Forget about it." Let's just dissect a couple of business myths and see if anything makes sense by the end of this article. And thanks for reading!

Long before we began offering our business consulting services as a franchise, we were busy in the cleaning, restoration and building trades as a highly praised speaking and consulting firm. We have had hundreds of backstage passes to the shops and minds of small business owners across North America. We have discovered one thing about fear.... that until we can harness it, we'll never achieve optimum effectiveness in the executive.

Then, what do people fear? Failure? We (and logic) beg to differ. If a person's fear drives them to avoid something new or bigger, they have already failed, by definition. So failure is NOT what most people fear. Most people fear success at some level. And that's OK. We're all human.

At the very least, we often fear change. We fear the unknown especially if we have become comfortable in a certain business, behaving a certain way and getting certain pay. But if we misdiagnose our fear as that of failure, we may go in search for something failure-proof. But only a failure needs something failure-proof. Once we understand what we really fear, we can more objectively assess our needs to get past all fear. Now we can set ACTUAL GOALS and start open-mindedly choosing the right franchise - and then build a company.

STOP's successful track record with water damage and restoration companies is the result of a very comprehensive executive development process. The HOW TO knowledge of building a company will not, alone, create a successful business. But the same knowledge and systems in concert with a directed executive can.

Many failures in small businesses are caused by the owners' preoccupation with fear. Leadership and focus will not be achieved until fear is harnessed and replaced with confidence, drive and self-deservance. We have shown over and over again that when the same calories are directed toward goals, the process of achievement can begin. It truly is a situation of mind over matter that works.

At STOP, we don't see any reason why a STOP restoration franchise should ever stop growing. The market is there. The skills and systems are here. Proper outlook will focus you on SUCCESS, not FAILURE in your restoration business. And when we teach our brain to invite success, LOOK OUT WORLD!

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