Warehouse Cleaning, Winston Salem, NC

As our business has grown we’ve needed to move into a larger space. As we were discussing various options with several commercial property owners we found a gentleman who was looking to rent some commercial space. We went to see it and realized it was too large for what we needed but as we talked he said that he really needed to get everything cleaned before he could rent it to anyone.

We clean on just about every project as a final step after reconstruction as well as several times during each project so this seemed like a good opportunity for us to work together. We discussed pricing for a one time clean and were right in line with his expectations.

The warehouse had been used by a furniture maker so all the walls, girders, beams and heaters were coated with a thick coating of saw dust and foam rubber as well as cloth fibers. We cleaned the entire inside of the warehouse from the 14’ high ceilings down to the concrete floor as well as the HVAC duct work over the office area. In total we cleaned the 7,000 square foot space in 2 days and it’s never looked better. He was so pleased with our work that he reconfigured an adjoining property to suit our needs.

If you have a warehouse that needs cleaned between tenants or simply needs to be cleaned out call STOP Restoration at (336) 203-0739. We can handle any size space and will work around your schedule to minimize down time.