Mold and your health

Mold and your health

Who wants to breathe in hundreds, if not thousands of mold spores every day? The truth is, most of us probably do. Mold is all around us, every time we spruce ...

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  • No Job Too Big

    No Job Too Big

    A lot of companies say they can handle any size project but when something large comes up they may not have the ability or expertise to execute it efficiently. ...
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  • Service Team Sanitizes Pool Facilities

    Service Team Sanitizes Pool Facilities

    A local neighborhood suffered a massive increase in pink eye, ear infections, skin rashes and intestinal issues this summer. As the neighbors started talking ...
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  • Improper Mitigation After Flood Leads to Big Expense in High Point Apartments, NC

    Improper Mitigation After Flood Leads to Big ...

    We are currently working for a landlord of some apartments. Their property sits downhill from the street and in one of the torrential thunderstorms we had ...
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  • What Water Damage Really Looks Like

    What Water Damage Really Looks Like

    Most people have never experienced a water loss or really understand just what to expect from a mitigation contractor so I wanted to take a second to show ...
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  • Noisy Floors!

    Noisy Floors!

    We live in a fairly new home and had an excellent builder. Our crawlspace was leveled, clean, and has a well installed vapor barrier. The windows don’t leak and ...
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  • Is My Loss Covered?

    Is My Loss Covered?

    Ultimately this will be up to your adjuster based on your situation and your coverage. At Service Team, we aren’t adjusters but we know a lot of them and work ...
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