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Contents Cleaning in Winston-Salem

Assistance with Damaged Property After a Disaster

Contents aren’t just things; they hold memories and tell your life’s story. When they are affected, it is often as traumatic as the actual event that caused the damage. When disasters affect your home and the things you hold dear, it can be especially overwhelming, emotionally, physically and mentally. Not only do you have the emotions of loss but you have to physically move these items into storage or an area for cleaning. Anything damaged will need to be documented for the insurance carrier which requires detail, precision and often times research and documentation.

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A Contents Restoration Team You Can Trust

At STOP Restoration Winston Salem, we understand these very real struggles faced when a disaster affects contents. They can be affected by smoke, fire, mold, or even biological materials making them potentially hazardous.

It’s critical to find a company you can trust and who is knowledgeable about how to carefully handle, process and store your items.

Highly Trained Professionals in Packing Out & Handling Contents

At STOP Restoration we’ve invested in training our team members to handle contents as well as the questions that come up during pack outs or after processing. We’ll help guide you through the process every step of the way. We even have helpful guides for what you might want to take with you initially or suggestions about items that may or may not be safe for you to take off site or things that can be done right away to help minimize permanent damage to your things.

Cleaning and Removal for Any Kind of Contamination

We’ve helped clients with heavy microbial contamination, biological contaminants, smoke and soot numerous times. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sofa, dining room chair, college textbook or an LCD television. They all have different cleaning processes and different likelihood of success based on the situation and what the contaminant is.

By understanding what can and can’t be saved, we will also be as efficient as possible and help keep things moving so your home can be restored as quickly as possible. Our team will know what won’t have a high likelihood of success in cleaning and this why insurance adjusters love working with us. They don’t want to pay for an attempted cleaning only to have to replace them eventually. We save them a lot of time.

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