Water Damage Clean Up – Lexington, NC

We had a project in Lexington recently where an outdoor shower supply line had developed a small leak inside the wall. Water leaked for several days into the basement before the homeowner knew about the issue.

We were referred by her insurance agent and asked to take a look. As always we dropped everything for the emergency and were at the home in about an hour. Our customer had already gotten the plumber out to fix the leak but the carpet in the adjoining room was ruined by heavy rust stains from furniture and the tack strip around the perimeter of the room had developed some microbial growth.

Our team removed the carpet from the bedroom where the leak occurred and extracted the carpet in a main play area and set up a drying environment with our thermal air mover and several air movers to help distribute the heat to the building materials.

Our quick response helped save all the carpet in the main area and prevented the contamination from spreading up into the wall cavities or outside the bedroom. In total the project cost about $4,000 to clean up and dry the area. If left for much longer it would have been significantly higher.

After the drying phase our customer asked us to also complete the repairs because she trusted that we would do the project well and more importantly she felt she could trust us in her home. She is a HUGE UNC fan and has several signed pictures and basketballs decorating the area including autographed national championship balls and several autographed posters of legendary coach Roy Williams.

Most of our customers don’t have quite the memorabilia that we found here but we always take exceptional care with everything in the home. We know that we’re guests in the home and treat everything and everyone inside with the utmost respect.

When you have water damage or find wet carpet and don’t know why, just give us a call. Our trained technicians will help identify the source if needed and can start the drying process immediately. We specialize in working with insurance companies so understand what documentation they need and can help you through the claim process from start to finish. We will often even meet with the insurance company’s adjuster to review the damage and walk them through the area to ensure nothing is missed and to answer any questions they may have related to how the project started.