Water Damage from Above|Five Steps to Mitigating a Ceiling Leak

When those ominous spots on your ceiling start to pop up, it is important to address the issue as soon as it is noticed. Ignoring these small spots can lead to a much larger issue in no time at all. Here are five simple steps to handling water intrusion coming in through your ceiling.

  1. Call STOP Restoration of Winston Salem. The faster we can get to your property and perform water cleanup services, the less likely it is that your home will experience any severe water damage or mold development. Our team can work with your insurance company, to keep them informed about the status of your loss and help you through the process of filing a claim should that be needed.
  2. We can assist you in identifying the cause of the leak. We will perform a moisture inspection in order to identify areas of the structure that might not be visibly affected by the water intrusion. For example, a clogged drain line from a drip pan in the HVAC unit can cause water spots on your ceiling. If left unaddressed this can cause serious damage to the surrounding wood and mold growth. You could potentially have a leak in your roof, in which case we would tarp the structure and refer you to a trusted roofing company that can help repair the roof to prevent further damage.
  3. Our team can also move your contents from the affected areas and put them up on blocks to prevent further damage to the furniture or the flooring beneath. If the loss affects a very large area, we can even pack up and move your belongings to our facility for storage until it’s safe to bring everything back.
  4. Once the mitigation process is underway, we will use our portable extractor to remove any standing water, may apply an anti-microbial to prevent mold growth and odors and set up drying equipment based on the specific needs of the space.
  5. If necessary, our team will remove any unsalvageable flooring, wood and drywall. We work with trusted repair companies that we can refer to help rebuild the structure once the mitigation process is complete.

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