Essential Winston-Salem Business Growing During Pandemic

The Triad STOP Restoration location has been in operation since 2014. We have always strived to provide top quality restoration services within the communities in which we live and serve. This past year has been one of immense change for everyone. Even some essential businesses have suffered due to the strain on resources and their ability to maintain high quality service standards. We have been fortunate to not only stay in business but to be growing during this time. Our goal has remained the same since the beginning, to provide the best emergency response, cleaning and mitigation services within Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas.┬áSafety is our top priority when entering a jobsite – our technicians will be wearing face coverings and the proper protective clothing required for the loss. Our dedication to safety and knowledge of the industry are not the only things that set us apart form our competitors. We take the time to vet, hire and train our technicians on soft skills as well.

There’s a lot that goes into being a good mitigation contractor aside from being good at cleaning up a mess. A good mitigation contractor must possess all of the technical skills necessary to do the job but also possess the customer service skills needed to help guide the client through this extremely difficult time. Most people will only experience a disaster once in their life and the majority will not know what to do when something happens to their home. It’s important to train on the soft skills needed to communicate and build a positive relationship with the client.

The first impression can set the expectations for the entire job. When a mitigation contractor makes contact with their client for the first time, they need to exercise empathy and compassion needed to comfort the client and walk them through the process of getting their home put back together. This “hand holding” is a very important part of the relationship between the mitigation contractor and the client. Understanding the different emotions your client will go through can help you know how to control the situation and keep everything running smoothly.

When dealing with a major loss, the homeowner is often under extreme duress and can easily become frustrated if the smallest detail is off. Most aggravation can be avoided with thorough communication. If the client knows what to expect, they are less likely to get upset. It’s extremely important to take the extra time and explain the entire process to the client and answer any questions they may have about the job. Building this relationship from the beginning can help insure there will be minimal surprises during the process.

Of course, it’s important to continue learning the technical skills of being a mitigation contractor but it is just important if not more to be well versed in the soft skills. STOP Restoration is constantly training their employees how to be the best in the business when it comes to both technical and customer service skills. We have been fortunate to be an essential business, still assisting with property losses during the pandemic. Since March 2020, we have added 5 new employees and are looking to bring on more members to our mitigation team. If you or someone that you know is looking to be a part of a hard-working, dedicated team, we would like to speak with them.