One of the biggest challenges a business can face is dealing with an emergency disaster, such as a large water loss. Businesses are left not only with the stress of the incident itself, but also the aftermath of the disaster. Not to mention the new stress of having to pick out new flooring and possibly a new color for the walls.😊 

One of the greatest concerns we hear from small businesses is the fear of having their operations interrupted, or even worse… SUSPENDED! Depending on their insurance coverage, this could potentially mean a loss of revenue or sales. I’ll pause here to interject the idea that you should DEFINITELY be having a conversation with your agent to make sure you have “business interruption coverage” on your business owners policy. Nothing worse than finding out after the fact that, for a few extra dollars, you could have the coverage you needed. 

Considering most small businesses are a few weeks of interruption away from having to close their doors, at STOP Restoration we take our role in the process very seriously. We do everything we can to help minimize the down time AND whenever possible, work around the business to make sure they can continue servicing their customers day in and day out. You’ll see in the photos above a local eye care office we were able to help this past December during the big freeze. This damage was caused by a frozen pipe, affecting almost all of the flooring in the office. Had it just been vinyl plank flooring, it might have been able to dry out in a few days. However, there was commercial grad carpet underneath the laminate flooring, keeping all the affected area very wet. After just a short time being wet, the laminate flooring started to swell and curl. We were able to remove the wet and damaged flooring, including all the wet carpet and set up drying and get them back to seeing patients almost immediately. We were also able to work out an afterhours/weekend schedule in order to keep them open during the week. Many times, this is more cost effective for the insurance company versus closing the business until repairs are complete and having to reimburse the business for the loss of income during the closing. Again… not always an option, but it worked well in this case. All that to say: “We go the extra mile.”