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  • Top of the Line Training Top of the Line Training Triad STOP Restoration has been serving Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities since 2014, and the STOP franchise itself has been in business for over 40 years! This means that when it comes to fire, water and mold restoration services, there ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage Mitigation Process Water Damage Mitigation Process A lot of people ask what we do and how things work when we get to a home or business that has had water damage. It can be a very overwhelming time for property owners that have never gone through anything so traumatic previously and may not ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damaged Contents We recently responded to a water loss at the home of an elderly couple and their daughter who is also their full-time caregiver. This resulted in a large contents cleaning job that was too much for the owners to handle themselves. When we arrived, we found that the main ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Basic Principals of Mold Prevention 1) Routine maintenance and cleaning is essential. Mold spores as well as bacteria and viruses can live in common household dust, dirt and grime. You don’t need to be a cleaning guru, but regularly dusting, sweeping, mopping, running the vacuum and cleaning up messes quickly ... Continue Reading
  • Mold and your health Who wants to breathe in hundreds, if not thousands of mold spores every day? The truth is, most of us probably do. Mold is all around us, every time we spruce up the landscaping with mulch or even cut the grass we provide a food source for mold growth. Most molds are more of ... Continue Reading
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