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It’s a terrible feeling to realize you have water damage in your home or place of business especially in Winston Salem, High Point, or Greensboro where the humidity is high and things don’t dry out very quickly on their own. When our technicians arrive on site during a water damage emergency, they’ll quickly assess the situation and start working right away to minimize the impact of the loss.

We remove as much bulk water as possible from all materials using professional grade equipment such as submersible pumps and pro-grade extraction equipment. After bulk water removal, our team will then inspect the carpet, carpet pad, drywall, trim and other building materials to determine the extent of damage and whether or not they should be removed and replaced or if they can be safely dried.

Once it is determined what all should be done, any required removal or detaching of materials will be done in as clean and efficient manner as possible to minimize the dirt and debris that can be generated. Once that phase is complete, we clean all areas and set up a drying chamber with professional grade air movers, dehumidifiers and other specialty equipment based on the size and the scope of the affected areas to dry out the structure and your belongings as quickly and safely as possible.

Why Call a Water Damage Restoration Professional?

While some of these processes may sound like things you could do yourself, it’s important to consult a professional water damage restoration company any time you encounter water damage. Your home or commercial property may appear as though it’s dry when, in reality, porous structural materials like wood and drywall could retain enough water to allow molds or bacteria to grow. Through temperature and humidity manipulation, along with other specialized processes, our restoration specialists are able to minimize the risk of secondary damage including warping, swelling, weakening, or microbial growth from retained water in walls, floors, and ceilings.

We know how traumatic these experiences can be. Trust STOP Restoration to ease the stress and mitigate damage to your home or commercial property. Call (336) 203-0739 right away!

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