What Services Does STOP Offer its Customers?

Thank you for considering STOP Restoration. A frequently asked question here at STOP is simply "What Services Does STOP Offer its Customers?" The answer is simple, but complex.

We focus on the needs of customers that have suffered a property casualty in their home or office. These accidents or catastrophic damages may cause water to enter a home, producing a need for water damage service. A house fire may occur. Mold may grow. A biological contamination could be caused by a rogue raccoon living in the attic (without paying rent). These losses are usually covered by insurance policies, which is the thread that ties together all the services that STOP offers.

In addition to servicing property damage, water dry-out, and/or repair needs, we are able to coordinate, cooperate and work with the insurance company who seeks the same thing we do... to make all parties happy. After all, the claim won't close until this is achieved.

When water or fire happens, we can save the day. More importantly, we can manage the entire process of getting the house or building (and one's life) back together. This theme is always part of STOP's service.

We pride ourselves on restoring houses and equally important, each customer's peace of mind. We understand the stress and trauma of disaster situations and are here to be a respected part of each STOP franchisee's home town.

So how do we get jobs? Well, when a person has a flood or fire, they call their insurance agent to make sure the damage is covered, and to ask what to do next. "You call STOP Restoration" is what they hear when good marketing connections are developed.

Not to disregard that this is the 21st CENTURY and everybody wants to talk about the internet, let's talk about the internet. STOP has a fantastic SEO program, incredibly powerful. We provide your website, your initial SEO structure and make it easy for you to work on your SEO ranking. In our system, this does bring jobs directly from home and business owners.

Another fun fact is that STOP brings a few national insurance company preferred vendor relationships to the table to assist you in securing work through insurance company vendor lists.

So for those that are not afraid of building relationships, STOP can guide you and develop these talents in big ways.

We focus on building companies. And not to sound overly abstract, but steady streams of water damage jobs (and other types of disaster problems) come as a result of your focus on building a company, committing to goals, implementing STOP systems, philosophies and behaviors. This is where our support will never fail you. We are there for your most challenging decisions, strategies, and "someone to talk to" when the day seems to be getting the best of you.

You'll watch as your competition grabs at the wrong straws and simply fails to respect the success that comes only as a result of solid restoration management systems. We've done this before and our franchisees are our number one priority.

Quality and stable restoration companies are not built on advertising or on any other retail approach (other than digital, which surely can connect you with end users with disaster problems). All told, make no mistake, the core of a large restoration company's business comes from relationships built and streams of work earned and retained through solid restoration management systems.

Don't be disappointed in this fact. This is the good news that entrepreneurs love to hear. No late night meetings with homeowners (collecting numerous "bids"). Yes, jobs are needed to build a company, but the jobs you want will come as a result of doing the things that build a company. Long term success comes much easier with continued sources of work, as opposed to a helter-skelter approach at finding one-off jobs from never-to-repeat customers.

STOP brings these pieces to the table like no other brand. This is what we have done for over forty years.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your career goals in franchising, and more specifically, the restoration industry.