The Business Owner's Property Maintenance Checklist

As a business owner, you've invested time, energy and money to build your company to what it is today. But what are you doing to protect what you've built? Property damage is more common than you'd think: a study by The Hartford found that water, wind, hail and fire damage were among the most common types of business insurance claims.

What's more, when surveyed, one in three business owners said that in the past year they experienced an event that could have resulted in an insurance claim.

But with everything on your plate, it can feel overwhelming to keep on top of the myriad maintenance tasks and best practices required to reduce the risk of commercial property damage.

That's why we've created the Business Owner's Property Maintenance Checklist. It includes 36 key tactics that will significantly reduce the risk of property damage. Organized by damage category, it's a quick read and great to stick to your fridge or office wall as a reminder of what needs to get done. We also encourage you to share copies with fellow business owners so they can also stay safe and protected.

Download the checklist by clicking here!