How to Improve Your Loss Ratio

Today’s insurance landscape is highly competitive. Aside from stringent regulations and increased customer expectations, technological advancements are among other factors that pose multiple challenges in the insurance niche.

To break even as an insurer, it is essential to take steps that improve your loss ratio and adopt effective management practices. Such strategies will see to it that you boost customer acquisition, retention, and profitability.

Instead of having a haphazard approach to resolving your operational costs and minimizing claim severity, there are various proactive ways you can improve your loss ratio. Such measures include fine-tuning the claims process and addressing claims leakage with the help of the right vendors in your company.

Let’s discuss several strategies to help you improve your loss ratio as an insurer regardless of your chosen niche:

1. Precise and Accurate Premiums

To improve and maintain your firm’s loss ratio to desired and sustainable levels, design premiums that are precise and accurate both in theory and in practice. Take into account the value you offer in your calculations to appease various clientele. With the current technological advancements, you can determine how these premiums will help you build your firm’s portfolio and improve your loss ratio.

Precise and accurate premiums give you a competitive advantage as an added bonus to improving your loss ratio since they assure the customers of optimal quotes for appropriate insurance cover.

2. Practice Practical Underwriting

Hiring individuals who are well-versed in the art of practical underwriting will do wonders for your firm and ultimately result in the improvement of your loss ratio. Such vendors should have experience in risk requirements and endorsements, as well as insurance, dos, and don’ts.

Practical underwriting coupled with accurate premiums and the use of technology such as analytical software will yield healthy loss ratios for your firm.

3. Incorporate Lean Management Principles

Incorporate lean management principles in the daily operations at your firm. Measure key performance indicators at individual and department levels. These metrics provide helpful insights and support your efforts in improving your loss ratio.

Engage operational improvement processes as well to bring down operational costs and reduce bottlenecks to efficiency. Lean management principles cover numerous aspects of your firm’s operations, including service and scope of service. These principles boost service delivery and refine customer service, key aspects of improving the loss ratio.

In essence, the lean management principles result in overall improved underwriting processes, better risk selection, and reduced churn due to the ensuing efficiencies.

Additional Tips

Regardless of your chosen niche in the insurance sector, here are several ways you can ensure that you improve your loss ratio:

  • Know the area where you market your business well. Be versed with information about crime rates or accidents to determine areas to avoid.
  • Recommend higher deductibles to your customers
  • Secure referrals from clients you know have excellent records
  • Include all the relevant information as you write applications for customers

Work With a Restoration Company

Many insurance agents have a unique working relationship with reputable restoration firms. For one, partnering with a restoration vendor makes it easier to handle a policy holder’s claim related to flooding, water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold, and biohazard cleanup.

Specialized businesses support your team by providing accurate estimates of repair costs for damaged properties, including drywall, flooring, lighting fixtures, among other things. This plan saves you time.

Take advantage of free, visual mold inspections. Many times, insurance policies do not cover mold damage, so an agent must break that bad news to their customer. But, having a trusted, reputable restoration company to recommend, who will get the property owner's space back in order safely and quickly, helps a lot!

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