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  • ‘Tis the Season to Stay Safe The holiday season is meant to be spent with those we love, not dealing with illness or injuries. Below are ideas to help you stay safe at home and in the workplace. Reduce fire risks Cooking fires are the number one cause of household fires. But improperly powered ... Continue Reading
  • Realtors: When You Need to Call in a Restoration Company Realtors: When You Need to Call in a Restoration Company Disaster, be it fire, flood, or earthquake may strike a residential property when least expected. But time itself is an enemy to houses, an often inspections turn up evidence of damage previously unknown. For realtors, ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Reasons to Get Rid of Mold and Water Damage Now The truth is it’s easy to keep mold and water damage ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ You plan on getting around to it; it’s on the to-do list. But can’t it wait until things slow down for you, for your family, or at your business? STOP Restoration has three reasons why ... Continue Reading
  • Get Rid of the Stink in a House, Apartment or Commercial Property A Realtor's Worst Enemy: Unpleasant Odors Let's face it; a house, apartment, or office that smells won't lease or sell. Even if you've got brand-new appliances, lovely landscaping, and sparkling windows, realtors and property managers will have trouble getting prospects to ... Continue Reading
  • Find a Leak Before It Gets to a Leased Unit Property Managers: Get ahead of water leaks before they sideline one of your leasable units. Learn the signs to look for, and how partnering with a restoration company for routine crawl space, attic and basement inspections can help. Prevent water damage costs from rising by ... Continue Reading
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