Risks to Properties During Vacation or Seasonal Closures

Leaving home for a vacation? Are you a ‘snowbird’ who moves seasonally? Is your business or organization seasonally closed? See tips from STOP Restoration on how to keep your house or commercial property safe while you’re gone.

When You’re Gone, What Can Go Wrong?

The first line of defense for any residential or commercial property is having a person present. Smart technology can alert you to a number of issues, from your home’s security, its indoor temperature, its electrical usage, and more. However, if there is an issue that is causing or could cause damage, a human being will almost always see, hear, smell or feel the problem, and identify its cause more quickly. Most importantly, you can take steps to eliminate issues immediately. Some examples include shutting off the main water valve due to a busted and flooding pipe, observing mold growth before it spreads.

That being said, we all need a break from time to time! You and your family may plan to leave home for vacation. Maybe you enjoy milder climates during summer and winter and split your time between locations. Or perhaps your business or organization is seasonal in nature. That may mean that during a portion of the year, facilities are not in use, or only minimally used.

Our Top Tips to Follow:

  • Keep your A/C running at a reasonable level while gone from the property.
  • Or use a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature while away.

High Humidity Wreaks Havoc

Our first tip is to keep your A/C running or use a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature.

A common temptation is shutting down a home or building’s air conditioning system if no one will be present. It’s a way to save money on the electric bills, right? Unfortunately, the cost savings on the power may be completely outweighed by damage from humidity. When the indoor humidity level rises above 50 percent, the interior will experience increases in condensation. This moisture can lead to an array of costly issues, including mold growth, paint peeling, or various types of floors warping. A professional restoration company should be consulted if you see issues like this due to humidity in your home or commercial building.

High Temperatures Are Hard on Electronics

Shutting down you’re A/C system not only increases the interior humidity at your residential or commercial property. A hot house also puts strain on appliances like your refrigerator and freezer. By allowing the ambient temperature around them to rise, they will have to work harder to keep their internal temperature lower. This puts unnecessary strain on their internal systems. It can also dramatically increase the risk of electrical fires if those appliance systems are pushed too hard. By running your air conditioning at a moderate level consistently or using a smart thermostat to adjust A/C remotely to maintain the temperature, you can help protect your appliances and electrical systems while you are not at your home or business.

Protect Your Property While on Vacation

Get peace of mind, whether you’ll be enjoying time away from home with family or friends, ‘snowbirding’ for a cooler summer or warmer winter, or partially closing down your organization due to seasonal usage. Following the above tips can help protect your property while you are away. Think damage and mold prevention, and fire risk reduction.

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