5 Ways Commercial Property Damage Could Be Holding Your Business Back

As a business owner or property manager, one of your primary responsibilities is maintaining your property. Normal wear and tear is to be expected, but events such as fire, flooding, leaking water, and storms can cause extensive damage that can have ongoing effects. Water damage, for example, can create a damp environment that allows mold to grow.

Commercial property damage can have substantial and widespread negative effects on property value, health, and more. The following are some of the ways in which commercial property damage can hold you back:

Damage to your company's professional image

Your customers expect the businesses they patronize to look professional and well-maintained. If your business has visible damage, it harms your company’s image in the eyes of your customers, and the longer it goes on, the more customers will view it not as a temporary problem but as a sign of ongoing neglect. They may wonder if your property isn’t being well maintained, will you be able to deliver the quality of goods or services they need. First-time customers who see damage may have a negative impression or your company that’s difficult or even impossible to change.

Decreased employee morale

Our environment can affect our moods, whether it’s for good or for bad. A damaged workplace can make employees feel stressed, unhappy, and less satisfied with their jobs, which leads to decreased employee morale. Issues with your property’s condition can also lessen your ability to hire new employees. Given the choice between similar companies, a job applicant who sees your building’s damage will view another business without property damage more favorably.

Potential health risks

Commercial property damage such as mold may cause health risks that range from respiratory issues to very serious health concerns, or even death. This type of exposure can affect customers as well as employees, who spend hour after hour in this damaged environment. Flooring that has been weakened from water damage could cause customers or employees to be injured if it warps and causes a fall or gives way completely. These types of injuries could leave you open to lawsuits and workers compensation claims.

Damage to furnishings or equipment

Smoke and water can damage furnishings or equipment, and the longer the damage exists, the more costly it can be. Water-soaked carpeting, for example, can harbor contaminants, and water that comes into ongoing contact with equipment can ruin it or create an operating hazard.

Difficulty selling or renting your property

If you own your building, you may have trouble selling it in the future if it’s damaged. Potential buyers may be turned off completely or may expect a substantial price deduction. For real estate agents and property managers, damage can make selling or renting a property more difficult and result in a lower selling price.

If your commercial building has damage from water, mold, smoke, fire, wind, storms, or other causes, contact STOP Restoration today. With over 40 years of experience in handling cleaning, repairs, and environmental services, we have the training, knowledge, and resources to exceed your expectations and restore your commercial property back to a good, safe, healthy condition.