STOP Restoration - A Great Franchise for Entrepreneurs

In this blog, I want to cover the highlights of why restoration is a great business for true entrepreneurs. We grow businesses... but not without growing entrepreneurs. How could one happen without the other? Energetic, focused entrepreneurs thrive in this brand. After reading this blog, I hope you'll have a better idea why.

STOP is a property restoration franchise. We specialize in water damage, smoke, fire and mold remediation, most of which is paid for by insurance companies. And I just mentioned something that entrepreneurs get excited by checks that clear the bank every time.

Let's continue. Number 2- In addition to paying for covered services, insurance companies are targetable. Therefore, we can market to them. We can build relationships with them. The list continues. We can also identify property managers and other professionals that are in a position of influence and authority to hire or recommend you.

So instead of chasing jobs in some other "one-hit-wonder" retail service, you can build a company in restoration with repeat sales feeding in from your relationships, your referral sources. We work WITH these professionals. We cooperate WITH these powerful, influential referral sources. Makes sense, doesn't it?!

Now, let's add into the industry's profile, the idea of "build-in need." Property damage knows nothing about the economy. Mishaps happen. And with the level of care you'll be providing through STOP's customer service systems, you'll impress everyone in your path.

STOP will address your digital presence and insurance company preferred vendor lists as well.

As a STOP franchise, you will build a restoration company in your market the same way our clients and franchisees have done it for decades (the same way every large restoration company in America has done it).

Let's talk about the word scalable. As you start out, you'll focus on a menu of insurance-paid, in-demand services. Water drying, water damage repair, and mold make up the first jobs you'll get. From there, as your management, marketing and industry talents grow, you'll be able to confidently market smoke damage cleaning, deodorization, bio-hazard and trauma scene cleaning.

At this point, you're starting to see the STOP secret... that this is an industry that rewards great managers. You will separate yourself ever further from many competitors, simply because you will be a true resource, a problem solver, not a one-trick, water damage pony.

In summary, while other brands focus on getting you to sign on, and require you to buy (from them) a van or two, and tons of equipment and trinkets, STOP focuses on building your company. ...the same thing you'll be focused on.


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