Posts from February, 2017

  • How to Start a Water Damage Restoration Business As a business consultant since 1990 working only in the property disaster, water damage, smoke, fire and mold industry, I can offer a few bits of insight that may guide you in the right direction as you decide to start a water damage restoration business. Let me start by ... Continue Reading
  • Seeking Self-Employment? Think Quality vs. Quantity As you dig into the idea of self-employment, perhaps for the first time, I hope you are including the franchise route with a diligent franchise search. I want to thank you, commend you and offer any help or advice I can. I mean this sincerely and absolutely free of ... Continue Reading
  • The Best Water Damage and Restoration Franchise Brand The water damage and restoration industry is an exciting one. But what is the BEST choice among water damage and restoration industry franchise brands? For the right owner with the right training and support team, the water, fire, smoke and mold restoration industry brings ... Continue Reading
  • STOP Restoration - A Great Franchise for Entrepreneurs In this blog, I want to cover the highlights of why restoration is a great business for true entrepreneurs. We grow businesses... but not without growing entrepreneurs. How could one happen without the other? Energetic, focused entrepreneurs thrive in this brand. After ... Continue Reading